These are all our thank-yous to all the people and partners that keep us going — you guys are out of this world!


We recently launched a patreon! If you want to leave us a tip, you get some perks, in addition to getting your name cemented to the top of this page.

These people that allow us to even operate // they host and distribute us. We pay them big moneys, but they do an amazing job and we love them.

WordPress // they host this website and renew our domain. We also pay them big moneys, but they’re the best of the best.

Discord // Although we each record our audio live onto our PCs, this is the platform we use when we talk on the podcast (we’re remote). We also use this to coordinate with each other when to schedule episodes. It’s great.

Google Drive // We use this to store all our files — audio files, images, scripts and talking points, research, you name it!

Google Sheets // We use a spreadsheet to track our expenses and incomes. It really helps keep track of who is paying who, and when.

Audacity // It works great for us (as you can tell by our audio quality), and it runs perfect on low-powered systems. Echo’s end of Episode 5 was recorded on a computer 2 gigabytes of RAM!