Welcome to the super duper official website for the Shuttlepod Cast podcast — a podcast about all things astronomy, outer space, and the wild and wacky universe!

The podcast is run by a couple of space-geeks from the USA: Nicolas, a computer-science student, and Echo, an astrophysics student. In our regularly irregular installments, we will sit together and chat back and forth through the cyber-aether about fun facts, interesting news, historic astronomers, and various miscellany.

On this website, you will be able to find our podcast itself, as well as our blog where we post about interesting astronomy things, and links to our socials.

Pour yourself a tasty cup of your favorite beverage or drink and enjoy meandering through our little corner of the web! 🙂

Latest episodes

Episode 7 // We Steal A Mascot From Science ShuttlePod Cast // Space and Astronomy

Nic and Echo return with (get this) even MORE space news! Will they ever run out???OUR LINKS (support us pls) //The Website: shuttlepodcast.spaceThe Twitter: twitter.com/ShuttlePodCastThe Patreon: patreon.com/shuttlepodcastThe RedBubble: redbubble.com/shop/ap/118421913CHAPTERS //0:14 A DART-y Party7:02 A Quadricentennial of Dust and Wind11:30 The News Inflates Astrobiology (again)16:40 Jumpiter22:10 shuttlepodcast.space22:40 Water Doesn’t Rock (we go off-topic, too)34:54 Samantha Cristoforetti38:04 Space Launch System Doesn’t Launch or Space40:09 "Shaun the Sheep Will Be Going to Space"42:42 A New Mascot47:40 Echo is a Scared Physicist47:55 Voyager is OK (for now)53:45 Would Space Lettuce Taste OK?55:40 Space Garbage’s Days Are Numbered59:05 Astrobiomedical Mechanical EngineeringNOTES //Nic and Echo recorded this episode on the 17th of September, but did not get it out until September 30th, which makes some of these points valid only in the past (oops).Echo also hadn’t heard the news that NASA would scrub the SLS again before launch (oops again)Echo learned the OBAFGKM mnemonic from page 41 of a book: A History of the Universe in 21 Stars (and 3 imposters) by Giles Sparrow, which is a highly recommended read (a few typos never hurt anyone)Cristoforetti TED Talk: https://youtu.be/99i3T1Cw8z848:23 What In the fuck was that noise I made?Echo’s car actually died shortly after this– sorry I have no idea what the hell is going on
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